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The Secret Place,
A Woman's Prayer Closet

■I had the most enlightening experience after getting help decluttering my closet. I had just had a 13 hour surgery 3 weeks ago and "stuff" was aggravating me.  I am a giver by nature so that part isn't a problem but really decluttering wasn't easy. There were things I wanted to keep because I was accustomed to it or because I had it for so long. Others things I kept because of who gave them to me. I had to have assistance in really letting go of what no longer served me. I struggled with keeping some items but once it was over I felt so much better. The appearance of my closet improved and I felt relieved.


■This fast is to feed our Soul. To experience the Relief and Renewal we have access to when we let things go and Replace them with time and truths in the Presence of God.


Understand fasting is not a way to get what we want from God but a way to get us to God.

Daily Devotions Day 21 Release, Reset, and Renewal


Offering 3 self pace e courses (Will be prerecorded)

1. What, How, Why of Prayer

2. Importance of Praying Gods Word/Committing God's word to daily life

3. The me you don't see....Overcoming the Old to Become the You God sees

Facebook Community Group

Accountability to spiritual growth and focus

Affirmation Ceremony Online with Prayer Scarves and oil

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