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Toni Roberts Sinegal’s foundation began in her hometown of Texarkana, Texas where she was born and raised. Toni’s childhood had challenges as she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but even in that setback God displayed favor through her, this became the beginning of a life of tenacity and strength.  As a child Toni enjoyed life with her two sisters whom she affectionately calls her forever friends. Toni was raised in a household of love, faith, and lots of laughter under the guidance of her mother Rephonnie Roberts, and her late grandmother Lennett “Gram” Roberts.  Growing up Toni dealt with issues of pain and rejection. After reaching adulthood Toni felt a deep desire to connect with young ladies and teens to help lead them to a life of wholeness.  After many years in her hometown Toni now calls Houston, Texas home where she resides with her husband Larnelle, her bonus son Tylen, and their daughter London.

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Toni accepted her call to Christ and to ministry in 2007 at Bibleway Ministries in Texarkana. After Toni joined the ministry she served as Youth Pastor, Prayer Leader, and established her work as a servant to the call. Later Toni was ordained as an Elder. These positions unveiled Toni’s passion for wanting to see more young people come to know God and establish their own relationship with the Father. While helping others in the ministry Toni discovered the privilege of being in God’s presence by way of prayer. As an ordained minister of the gospel, Toni found that there is much more to ministry, and as a woman of God, she fully understands the power of surrendering your life to God! Toni currently serves at the Lighthouse Church of Houston, Texas. Beyond her service to the ministry is her commitment to serve the people outside of the walls of the building.


"My Life

Is Ministry."


Toni is a passionate minister of the gospel and midwife to

those carrying the greatness of God within. She has an unwavering belief that once we surrender, God can build beautiful things from our broken places. Her exuberant and highly active daughter London is an incredible testimony of how the promises of God can be manifested in

our broken places. Despite numerous negative doctors’

reports, multiple pregnancy losses, and years of pain, God delivered on his promise for her family to bear a child

through natural means in his perfect timing.

Minister Roberts Sinegal continues to demonstrate Christ through servant leadership by engaging in daily prayer of intercession, and empowerment using biblical truth as the foundation of all she does. Toni is the Vessel and Founder of Restored Pieces Ministry established in 2010. Through

Restored Pieces Toni has been blessed to pour and speak life

to thousands of women from different areas of the globe.

She believes “in order to be mended we must first be broken.” The brokenness is not the final state but a part of the process to become the masterpiece God had in mind from creation. Although short in stature, Toni stands tall in God’s grace. She

is grateful for His power and consistently seeks opportunities

to share, mentor and develop others. Through her ministry Toni’s greatest aspiration is to be empty every time she encounters those God has assigned her to pour into. Toni understands that our stories and scars can be used to point others to Christ for the Glory of God.  Toni also believes that the root to any form of public success is birthed in the private place of prayer. She is devoted to the strategies, power, and fruit of prayer through relationship with God and His word.

After years of writing and posting through social media, Toni Sinegal became a published co-author in a women’s devotional. Her story of knowing what God promised, and yet having to wait for years to see the manifestation of the promise has become a blessing to those who believe by faith that God never lies. Toni desires to one day travel the world with her family to experience the beauty of creation and preach God’s word to the nations.

Toni’s mantra: Every beautiful promise from God involves an ugly process. Endure the process!


“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in  Christ, after you have

suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast”.

1 Peter 5:10 NIV


"In the natural there is a midwife to coach, carry, and catapult you to the finished product of childbirth.

So it is in the spirit. 

God has people assigned to encourage you through the process of producing God's Promises for your life."




It's time to birth what you've been carrying on the inside of you, and as a spiritual midwife, I'm called to the process of partnering with women who are ready to PUSH, Pray Until Something Happens!  I know it sounds cliche, but as a midwife, I am called to cover and collaborate with women in prayer, the most powerful position which we all are called to and qualified for, yet the least applied for. My greatest passion and purpose is ignited through the privilege of prayer.  Like most people, I too carry the responsibility of many titles and serve as a minister, speaker, spiritual midwife, prayer strategist, and destiny pusher,  and I've been blessed to speak, preach, teach, serve, and assist in transforming the lives of thousands of woman through prayer biblical teaching, and mentoring;  however, my most honored title and responsibility is that of a prayer warrior.

Let's Begin Our Journey of

Birthing What's In You!

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My battle started while in my mother's womb, the enemy tried to take me out before my mother could push me out, but God's divine plan prevailed. With the umbilical cord tangled around my neck, and a grim chance of survival, God blew His breath in my body and the enemy's place of attempt became my place of assignment. Not only did God save me in the birthing room, but it was there He assigned me to the birthing stool of women around the world.  I share my story so other women won't miscarry what they are called to carry to completion. Who you have in the birthing room of your destiny is vital to what you deliver and your deliverance. I believe that those who came, stayed, left, added, subtracted, hurt, healed, or helped are all vital parts of our process and necessary for our growth. I want to connect with you on your journey and do life with you! My commitment is to what you are called to carry and I am committed to assisting in the personal, emotional, and spiritual growth and development of your life. Your journey to becoming requires covenant connections, purpose partnerships, and divine dismissals and I've personally known the value of each step. 

With a heart to serve and live for God,  I have been blessed on the journey as a witness and warrior to experience the power of prayer and what God does when we choose to live a surrendered life. Congratulations on Becoming/ Welcome to the Birthing Room of Becoming! 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and

not to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be achieved. 

Proverbs 16:3 KJV


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